OMG Have You Seen This Mustang?!

Anyone who knows anything about souped-up cars knows that the people at Clive Sutton are the absolute dogs nadgers. So when we heard they’d launched a CS850GT Mustang we nearly fainted.  The thing was already a V8, 5-litre thrill machine when it left the factory, but then the Sutton team got hold of it.

So what do you want for your £115,000?

Re-worked front end? Tick.

Quad exhausts? Tick.

RHD? Tick.

Lots of other exterior bells and whistles…shall we have a look under the bonnet?

Right, here we have an almost doubling of the standard power to a whopping 850bhp. That’s the UK’s most powerful Mustang, by the way.

Then you get a custom=tuned Whipple Supercharger, intercooler and Quad Active XFORCE exhaust delivering 665lb-ft of torque. As well as your usual massive power boost, obviously.

Don’t forget the upgraded suspension and chassis, as well as the anti-roll bars.

We could go on – you know, the wheels, the pads, etc etc – but we’re too busy drooling at this beast.