Oi! Get Off The Road!

Motorpoint, the UK’s largest independent retailer of cars up to four years old and under 30,000 miles (that’s a nice niche) say that two thirds of UK motorists are opposed to the Government allowing e-scooters to share the road with cars.

Now, here at NTK Motors we have been on an e-scooter around the lovely streets of Lyon. It was a glorious experience but not one enhanced by alcohol – no e-scooter drink driving laws in France, you see. Would we ride one in British traffic?  Would we hell.

Mark Carpenter, Chief Executive Officer of Motorpoint, said: “e-scooters do offer an ingenious way for people to navigate through our streets, particularly for short journeys, and their growing popularity cannot be ignored.

“However, it is clear from our survey that people have reservations with regards to e-scooters and, given the way they are currently being used on the pavements rather than the roads, more needs to be done to address these and other concerns before e-scooters can be classed as a legal form of transport.”

And he’s dead right.  People are already jumping out of the way of the e-scooter. They’re faster than they look!

No wonder the drivers surveyed said they would not share – they’re still illegal on the roads over here but we suspect that some European countries are thinking of rowing back with what they’ve allowed as they really can be dangerous.

The UK Government has said it will extend the trial of e-scooters in various towns and cities until March 2022 and then make a decision.

Meanwhile according to the good people of Motorpoint, there is a strong movement against allowing e-scooters on the roads here.

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