New Prius for 2022?

According to a report in Autocar, Toyota has hinted that it may launch a new Prius next year.  One of the best-selling and best-known EVs might well be up for a re-boot.

Launched in 1997, the Prius was the very first mass-produced hybrid and its reputation is second to none.  The brand has become a by-word for EVs in general.

Autocar asked Toyota about the future of the Prius and product and marketing boss Andrea Carlucci told the mag: “It remains the pioneer into electrification – and has been clearly, for Toyota, an icon. It started our journey back more than 25 years ago.

“It has to keep a role, and we have to make sure it will always be a front-runner with that kind of technology, so – although I can’t disclose much – we don’t want to waste our icon, even for the future.”

Expect a new Prius on the streets near you next year, then, eh?