New Peugeot 308 Variant for 2022

Peugeot is launching a version of the 308 called the 308 SW which it claims is ‘an even more practical and versatile variant of the new 308, suitable for both families and fleet users.’

So what’s new about it?  Well, as with every car ever launched it has ‘an expressive style and an ultra-modern design’, but that is not going to get us excited, is it?  OK, so it also comes with a choice of plug-in hybrid technology as well as advanced petrol and diesel engines. This is a first for Peugeot and it’s a good thing.

And it looks good, too, doesn’t it?  Peugeot has really gone to town on upgrading and modernising its designs recently and it’s starting to pay off big style.

But get this: when it hits the streets in early 2022, the 308 SW will also be available with the latest semi-autonomous driver assist features and safety technologies. What does this mean?

  • Semi-automatic lane change –
  • Anticipated speed recommendation according to speed limit signs
  • Curve speed adaptation at speeds of up to 112mph where legal

Finally, we’re loving the range of colour options, which to us sound like blue, red, white, grey and black:

  • New Avatar Blue
  • Elixir Red
  • Pearl White
  • Bianca White
  • Cumulus Grey
  • Nimbus Grey
  • Nera Black