New Lotus Retail ID Is Now On Show…In Bahrain

The first Lotus showroom in the world to feature the brand’s striking new retail identity is fully operational and open for business. But it’s in Bahrain so only a lucky few of you will get to see it.

Anyone who has been to Bahrain will know that the extremely upmarket Moda Mall shopping complex in Manama is where you buy the good stuff, so that’s where Lotus has landed.

The new Bahrain showroom development is the ideal place to launch this new ID, reckon Lotus.  Who can argue?

Geoff Dowding, Executive Director, Sales and Aftersales, Lotus, commented: “We are delighted to be working with our dealer partner Adamas Motors at the all-new retail site in Bahrain. It is the perfect location for the world debut of our new retail identity and it looks brilliant.”