New Citroën for International Markets

Citroen’s New C3 is being hailed as the hatchback that will enable the brand to grab market share in India and South America. The first of a family of three vehicles aimed at selected international markets, the New C3 has been developed and produced in India and South America and will be sold in both regions.

Why is it suited to those markets?  It seems that a lot of it is about the road surfaces. The New C3

adapts to local terrain by  having an SUV-style ground clearance and tougher suspension and components.  Makes sense.

This car comes as part of Citroen’s ‘C-Cubed’ programme whereby it plans to launch three vehicles with an international focus by 2024, hence the closer working relationship with partners in India and South America, both of which are growing markets.

Incorporating knowledge of the two regions’ society, culture and needs makes New C3 a model designed, developed, and produced by and for India and South America.

When we think about Citroen we don’t really think global, do we? Citroen have spotted these gaps in the market and are doing something about it.  Global CEO Vincent Cobee says they are:

“Ensuring Citroën’s future requires a greater international presence, by becoming stronger in all the markets in which we operate, including South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and China, and by opening up to new ones, including India, which will soon become the third-largest market in the world.

“We are rolling out an ambitious product plan in order to achieve this, which will see the launch of three internationally-oriented models in three years. Models designed, developed and produced in strategic regions and which will fully represent Citroën’s identity in terms of style and on-board peace-of-mind.

“New C3 is a vital part of this international ramp-up and the first stage of this growth strategy. This hatchback, less than 4m long, is aimed at a major segment in India and South America. Modern, connected and tailored to local use, it is perfectly placed to support Citroën’s growth.”