Need To Know Motors Loves Ben

Support for BEN

The news hit our in-tray last week that Sytner had donated an impressive £40,000 to Ben really struck us as important. We all know that Covid-19 had hit Ben hard, very hard.  They couldn’t hold their usual fundraising events and funds dwindled.

But now, more than ever, the vital work that Ben does is vital to us, to this industry. Take a look here. 

We love the fact Sytner’s £40,000 donation helped tip Ben over its £0.5m fundraising target to replenish the shortfall in funds created by the pandemic.

Here’s the bottom line: we all know Ben does great work and here at Need To Know Motors we are going to play our part in helping them return to their most vital and effective best. You can help as well, by signing up for free to Need To Know Motors here – the more subscribers we have the more we can donate to Ben.