Navigator: “Stricter Lockdown Should Bring Out Best in a DMS”

Jon Byles DMS Navigator

Rumours that the Government may prevent the retail car industry from selling via the click and collect method – even though the Scottish Government has just approved this way of working – means dealerships must work even harder to stay close to their customers.

Jon Byles, sales director at Navigator, says that a dealership’s DMS can mean make or break during Lockdown in terms of whether a customer feels safe when booking a service or buying a vehicle.

“The Lockdown is hitting the motor retail sector hard,” says Jon Byles.  “But some dealers are seeing it as an opportunity to tool-up with the latest DMS technology to enhance their customer-facing capabilities.  A stricter or longer Lockdown should really bring out the best in a DMS.

“At Navigator we are investing heavily in ensuring our integrated apps directly enhance a dealership’s ability to deliver during Lockdown.”

He cites a whole list of capabilities within the Navigator DMS designed to maintain a close relationship between dealer and customer.

  • Direct online billing;
  • Integrated contactless app from AU Assist to ensure you can streamline your socially-distanced service, to help customers get closer to you without getting too close;
  • Quick and easy payments via a simple link
  • Fully integrated check-in
  • Customer information from your DMS
  • App communications with your customer
  • Integrated e-signature
  • Integrated key drop-off
  • Personalised welcome video
  • Reduce service desk traffic
  • Reduce check-in times
  • Prioritise safety & social distancing

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