Navigator DMS Introduces Bumper PayLater

Your customer can’t afford to pay for the work you would like to carry out on their car today?

Bumper PayLater is the innovative way that a consumer can spread the cost of dealership repairs over a no of months enabling them to say “yes” to that work today.

It’s straightforward for the consumer to apply for the funding in literally a few mouse clicks – it can take under a minute.

By integrating Bumper PayLater right into our Navigator DMS and VHC systems, this makes the process for dealer personnel as simple.

Simon Verona, MD at Navigator says : “Integrating Bumper into our products makes it simple and straightforward for a busy Service Receptionist to offer the Bumper PayLater service. This removes some of the friction in selling additional work to the customer, increasing customer satisfaction and the chargeout per job card. It’s a simple win-win for both the consumer and the dealer.

“Bumper PayLater will shortly be available to all Navigator users.”

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