Mystery Over Tesla’s Berlin Factory      

The future of Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg – which the company heralded as its first manufacturing location in Europe and its most advanced, sustainable and efficient facility yet – is today shrouded in doubt with rumours that construction on the site has come to a halt.

Media around the world carried the story that work was put on hold, but now a local mayor has scotched those naysayers, arguing that despite Elon Musk having reportedly described the site as a ‘gigantic money furnace’ the construction was still going ahead.

So, is Tesla going to concentrate on making its batteries in the US? Is Berlin going ahead? What does this mean for the brand in Europe?

Let’s be honest, you never go a day without spotting a Tesla on the road, so things ain’t that bad over here for our favourite Bond Villain.

Problem is, no-one seems to know what’s going on.