Munich Motor Show – There’s A Lot Happening

With the return of the much-missed motor show, Munich will be the host of the first big bash for ages and loads of manufacturers are pulling out all the stops.  Feast your eyes on this lot!

Audi will be pushing not one, not two but three concept cars, the GrandSphere and the SkySphere as well as the new A6-style e-Tron. Keeping it German, BMW will be previewing its all-electric Gran Coupe…is that a coupe for grannies?

And Merc are going very big indeed with rumours of up to seven new cars on show.

We like the look of the new Renault MeganE which will be based on the E-Vision concept and which is expected to hit the road next year.

Add to these the fact that Porsche, VW and loads of others will be strutting their new stuff, we can officially confirm that Munich is going to be fantastic.