Motorvogue Moves Into Bury St Edmunds      

Motorvogue is reportedly adding Peugeot to its offer in Bury St Edmunds and is said to be ploughing £2 million into a showroom revamp. This has thrown up some consternation over the existing Peugeot outlet in the town, where the Desira Group has been representing the Stellantis brand.

The Northampton-based Motorvogue is very much on the expansion trail and it looks like it will be opening further Peugeot outlets in the coming year.

MD Jon Pochin said: “We’ve made significant investments this year to maintain group momentum, both commercially and in extending our footprint in key territories.

“We’re also continuing to add new franchises for brands that are aligned with our values and ambitions.

“We’re excited about adding a new Peugeot franchise to the fold next May, enhancing the breadth of new car options at our enhanced Bury St Edmunds location.”