Motor Sector Jobs Surge Predicted

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InAutomotive, the UK’s leading automotive job board, is predicting a surge in recruitment activity when lockdown ends. InAutomotive Director, Dave Capper told us that the majority of employers have held off recruiting during periods of national lockdown, but with the end in sight, the industry can expect a flurry of activity.

“Job activity is not back to pre-pandemic levels just yet,” says Capper, “but the number of job applications and visitors to InAutomotive has remained fairly stable over the last 12 months.”  

This suggests that automotive professionals are keeping their options open – with such uncertainty in the industry at the moment, it’s probably a wise move.

Capper continued, “It’s difficult to fully assess the job market while the furlough scheme is still in place, we do know that employers have kept their powder dry and employees have opted to stay with their current position – the signs are that this will change as lockdown eases.”

The outcome of major decisions, which have been held off until the sector feels fully reopened, will affect many of the 800,000 people who currently work in the UK automotive industry.

With so many people in the industry having been furloughed, the end of the scheme on 30 April will force businesses to decide if they have the means to keep their employees on, given that sales have been down around 30%. Only then will it be possible to accurately measure the full impact of Covid – and Brexit, of course – on the job market.