Morgan Reveals Glimpse of New 3-Wheeler.

The classic car manufacturer Morgan has confirmed it is working on an all-new three-wheeled vehicle to replace the outgoing Morgan 3 Wheeler. An early glimpse of the model shows a heavily disguised engineering prototype undergoing durability testing.

They haven’t got a name for it, but we’re assuming there must be a market.  Truth is, while we know all about the beautiful classic Morgan that zooms around the countryside, we didn’t even know they made a three-wheeler – and this new one replaces the old one! Apparently, Morgan’s three wheelers date back to the founding of the company in 1909, so what do we know?

Perhaps one of the most notable features is that it will have an ICE – it won’t be an EV.  Again, we’re assuming this is what the Morgan market demands.

Speaking of which…Morgan say that orders for the previous Morgan 3 Wheeler – which started production in 2011 – closed at the beginning of 2021, with production of these vehicles taking place throughout the year. This includes the final 33 P101 cars, which saw a number of cosmetic enhancements to celebrate the end of the model’s highly successful ten-year production run.