More Than Half Buyers Wants to Pay Under £300/Month

pennies for a car say that 60% of UK car buyers want a car costing them less than £300 a month. And that only 21% search for a vehicle costing over £400 a month.

What does this tell us?  That most people pay the average cost of a car.  Of course they do!  But say this reflects a change in our car-buying habits. 

The company says it aims to help car buyers get a fairer deal by offering decent APR rates, saying it offer consumers transparent finance commissions for new and used vehicles, with low APRs and a clear credit rating policy.  Fair enough. But we’re not sure how this data reflects any changes in buying habits.

What they have said is that these are their most popular monthly payment searches:

39% £100-£200

21% £200-£300

19% £300-£400