Moneyshake Launches PCP     

Car lease comparison site Moneyshake has launched a national PCP offer after signing up dealers across the UK.

Backed by former Group 1 Automotive UK boss, Darren Guiver, Moneyshake will offer new car buyers PCP deals on its online platform, enabling them to compare lease and PCP deals together, to locate deals on new and used cars.

Moneyshake reports that it has signed Nissan dealers with 15 sites across the UK and that it is in talks to secure Ford, Seat, Renault, Volvo, Kia and Dacia dealerships.

Moneyshake’s Suzi Mosely said: “PCP remains a popular choice and consumers can now take advantage of our digital technology to research, compare and find the best price on their new car. With 82% of consumers we asked preferring an online car purchase, our hassle-free digital journey ensures buyers are engaged to buy and dealers can access prime leads.

“Dealers joining our platform can access our latest data on trends, so they can promote deals that have the best chance of selling, and our customers get the best deal.”

Eben Lovatt, chief executive of Moneyshake, said: “The introduction of PCP deals on our website means we can now offer our customers lease and PCP prices side-by-side.

“People coming to our site can simply toggle between lease and PCP prices on their chosen car to get the best deal from our approved providers.

“We’re continuing to evolve our products and UX to ensure we’re providing our customers with the most effective way to find the best deal.”