Moke Production Returns to UK

Ah, the romance of the Moke (or The Mini Moke to give the cheeky little car its full retro title), which was beloved of all the cool dudes in the 1960s, from The Beatles to Brigitte Bardot and beyond.  Welcome home, Mini Moke!  Designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, no less, the Moke was a major scene-setter when it was launched back in the day.

Of course, the cult TV classic The Prisoner was where the Moke got its highest profile.

So we were thrilled to receive news that full official production of the Moke is returning to the UK to be manufactured by Moke International and engineering group Fablink, whose pedigree is very impressive, given its work with Jaguar Land Rover and Morgan.

Not only that, there’s none of this year-long waiting list malarky or get a mortgage to secure your down payment…your very own Moke is available to order from today, with prices starting at just £20,000.  For that you get the most fun car you will ever own, zooming along at over 67mph thanks to its 4 cylinder, 1083cc engine. What’s not to love?

As Isobel Dando, CEO of Moke International, says: “The return of full Moke production to British shores represents a homecoming for one of our nation’s best-loved icons. Since reviving the marque in 2017, we have re-captivated existing enthusiasts and introduced an entirely new generation to MOKE’s perfect combination of fun, utility and open-air thrills. This has been reflected in significant demand from our home market, affirming our plans to light up beach resorts around the world through the global market introduction of the ultimate waterfront-to-beach house vehicle.”