MG – A Fantastic Home-Grown Success Story

MG Badge

An exciting update has dropped onto NTK Motors’ news desk from the iconic MG brand.  MG sales have risen a mighty 41% over 2019 figures, with over 18,000 new cars sold across the last 12 months.  This has seen MG claim to be the UK’S fastest-growing car brand.

It is being reported that this growth is partly driven by sales of MG’s EV products, with around one third of all new MG vehicles on the road being plug-in cars.  The brand has also introduced two new models to take its range up to six models.

Now, let’s not get too carried away.  MG is not about to challenge Vauxhall or VW.  It still only represents 1.15% of the market, but that is an impressive doubling of its share of late.  And, with a dealer network of 120 outlets and plans for more, MG has certainly outperformed expectations during exceedingly hard times. 

MG’s extravagantly-named head of sales Daniel Gregorious quite rightly sounds very satisfied with his company’s achievement, saying: “For a brand to outperform the market as comprehensively as MG did in 2020 is incredible, especially given the tough market conditions.”

He also promises more exciting new models on the horizon and an expanded dealer network.

NTK Motors remembers the old-style MGs with great affection and we’re thrilled to see the brand on the rise again. Also, let’s be fair, we know that MGs are now made in China.  But we’re romantics here at NTK Motors and we’re clinging on to MG’s Longbridge design centre to qualify its home-grown credentials.