Maserati Store…With Wine     

Maserati has unveiled its new global retail store concept. As you might expect, there’s a lot of old cobblers being talked about what is essentially a posh car showroom. But it will have wine available.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s very impressive. It’s also in Milan, so it’s classy. But please read and enjoy these extracts from the overblown press release.

Intended to express the Italian House’s power and prowess in Italian luxury craftsmanship, the ‘innovative retail concept’ Maserati says that it combines the refinement of a sartoria – a tailor’s atelier – with the rawness of an officina – a workshop.

Clients (not customers) are encouraged to ‘unleash their creative passion’ to bring to life their own bespoke vision of the ultimate luxury sports car. they will also be invited to ‘discover the retail store on their own terms.’  No, we don’t know what means either.

The new architectural concept was co-created together with the New York-based experience design firm Eight Inc. and marks a departure from the traditional aesthetics of the “bright and sterile” car showroom.

From the early stages of developing a new car to the complete luxury retail experience, everything at Maserati is designed with the client in mind. Our new store concept embodies our values of passion, innovation and beauty through the lens of Italian luxury. Our wish here is for clients to express their passion by creating their very own Maserati”, says Davide Grasso, CEO of Maserati.

Guests will be greeted in a contemporary living space that features a large ‘kitchen island’ serving as a hospitality and configuration counter, complete with a bar offering Italian-style espresso, wines or cold-pressed juices.

A palette of earthy colours, evoking old towns in the Italian countryside, is used throughout the interior of the space and is further highlighted by the contemporary loose furniture and displays developed by Cassina Custom Interiors. Softly lit wall displays feature sliding glass panels, revealing wheel caps and steering wheels exhibited like jewellery, as well as a selection of the softest hand-crafted leather samples.

“When considering a new design project, we imagine an experience that defines a human process, and how that experience can shape what inspires and influences us. The new Maserati store is as a bridge between the House of the Trident and its passionate clients, designed to provide a multi-sensory luxury retail experience with a contemporary design language, true to the essence of the brand”, says Tim Kobe, CEO of Eight Inc.

Remember, there’ll be wine.