Maserati Opens ‘Situ Live’ with MC20

Maserati has opened what it calls a ‘revolutionary’ new retail space named Situ Live, located at Westfield London. Centre of attention is the super sports car the MC20. 

So what does the Situ Live give the potential Maserati owner?  The MC20 features in the “On the Move” theatre at Situ Live, apparently a new approach to retail as it is an ‘immersive retail experience showcasing world-leading lifestyle brands’. 

It is 7,500 square feet of space in Europe’s largest shopping centre.

Visitors to Maserati at Situ Live will be able to immerse themselves both physically and digitally (we’re not sure what this means) in the brand at their own pace including the opportunity to explore the marque’s award winning MC20 super sports car alongside a space dedicated to Fuoriserie, Maserati’s distinctive personalisation programme.

After viewing the car, interacting with the car configurator (salesperson?) and looking at colour and trim samples, visitors are then able to continue their journey through the official Maserati dealer network by scanning a QR code.

Whilst the ‘activation’ (opening?) is initially being launched with the exciting all-new MC20 halo car, Maserati will continue to showcase new vehicle introductions and will look to use the destination to introduce new product reveals in the future.

Peter Charters, General Manager, Maserati North Europe says: “Launching Maserati at Situ Live is a really exciting moment for us, it marks a new way for us to engage with people, and we’re looking forward to introducing new audiences to this iconic brand. Complementing our existing retail network, we have designed the space so visitors can experience our brand and cars in a new and truly Maserati way.”