Manufacturers Warned: Improve Supply Chain Quality Issues to Avoid Historical Warranty Claims

With research showing that historical new car warranty costs at their highest during the 12 months after launch, manufacturers are being advised to put pressure on their supply chain to ensure a higher quality product and avoid new car warranty claims.

Dealerships are at the forefront of customer complaints about poor quality finishes in new cars and market commentators say that dealers should lean on their manufacturers to get suppliers to up their game.

Geoff Cousins, of quality management provider G&P, also points to the fact in-car technology is increasingly sophisticated, so faults are moving away from the mechanical to software coding issues.  He stressed that by nipping quality problems in the bud, at source, is by far the best way to avoid post-launch breakdown or faults.

Need To Know Motors is, as ever, on the side of the dealer and we flag this up as a serious issue because dealers are the first port of call for any new car customer experiencing faults caused by supply chain issues.