Major Dealers Underpay Staff       

The Christmas period was not a happy one for a number of companies in the motor trade who have been named and shamed by Her Majesty’s Government for failing to pay staff the legal minimum wage. Step forward Stoneacre Motor Group, Charles Hurst in Belfast and others you can see listed here Over 200 employers called out for falling short of paying staff the minimum wage – GOV.UK (

In total over 200 businesses were named, with many employers ordered to repay workers and face penalties of nearly £2 million after breaches left around 12,000 workers out of pocket.

Business Minister Paul Scully: “We want workers to know that we’re on their side and they must be treated fairly by their employers, which is why paying the legal minimum wage should be non-negotiable for businesses.”

Here at Need To Know Motors we ask what the hell is going on? Stoneacre? Really?  We’re more than happy to praise dealers when it’s due, but this is pretty low.

The government has been clear that anyone entitled to be paid the minimum wage should receive it, and that robust enforcement action will be taken against employers who do not pay their staff correctly. Since 2015, the budget for minimum wage enforcement has doubled with the government having ordered employers to repay over £100 million to 1 million workers.

HMRC consider all complaints from workers, so workers are being reminded to check their pay with advice available through the Check your pay website.

Bryan Sanderson Chair of the Low Pay Commission said: “The minimum wage is a success story welcomed by employees and employers alike, but it only works if everyone without exception obeys the law. We hope this latest naming round can continue to raise awareness of the most common mistakes businesses make and help protect low-paid workers from unfair treatment.”