Lynk & Co Building on Success     

Car sharing platform Lynk & Co has announced its biggest leap in monthly membership figures and is predicting big things for 2022.

They say they’re not that interested in how many cars are being sold. Instead, they’re proud to have welcomed almost 60,000 new members across Europe during 2021 compared to its target of 9,000 members for the full year.  So nearly 60,000 people now have access to the Lynk & Co 01 whenever they feel like it.

Lynk & Co claims to be shaking up the automotive world by setting new standards for hassle-free travel, flexible access to cars, and sustainable mobility options by reducing traffic congestion and using fewer cars more often.

As of 2021, Lynk & Co now has 7 Clubs across Europe in Amsterdam, Gothenburg, Antwerp, Berlin, Stockholm, Hamburg, and Munich.