Lucid Goes For Tesla’s Jugular Via the Media

We all know that the Lucid Air is meant to be the bee’s knees, the dog’s nadgers and the next big thing.  Well, just in case a few of us remain sceptical, Lucid’s media team has kindly put together a list of quotes from the recent launch reviews to hammer home just how quickly Lucid is gaining on Tesla’s rep.

We won’t embroider this with our own comments, instead we will give you a few tasters of what Lucid clearly see as their equivalent of being Liverpool while Tesla is now poor old Man Utd.

Road & Track: “The Lucid is so good it should make Tesla Sweat…the programming is dead-on perfect…one-pedal driving that also works beautifully…”

Car & Driver: “Brilliance out of nowhere…the Air Dream immediately impressed with a seemingly bottomless well of torque and ridiculously easy speed.”

And, just to touch that range anxiety nerve, here’s what The Drive said:  “520 miles of range aimed at Tesla…even in its standard state, the Lucid Air feels every bit as quick in a straight line as a Porsche Taycan Turbo S.”