Lord Help Us. We Can’t Stop Watching This Site    

Look, we all like a little sneak peek at something naughty on the internet, don’t we?  Well, here at Need To Know Motors our weakness is the Collecting Cars website where, 27/7 there are some of the world’s most fun and desirable and quirky motors for sale, from around the globe.

Now, when we’re alone in the office and we know that no-one will see over our shoulder, we settle in with a few filters and preferences specified – you know, for sale in the UK, trade sales only, certain brands…

But it’s turning into a guilty pleasure that takes up half our time.  As we write there’s a 1974 Ford Escort Mk! With original rally spec; a 1971 Porsche like the one that Swedish detective drove in The Bridge; and this 2004 Lambo that was on for £49,000 and – by the time you read this – will have gone to some lucky buyer.