Lookout Tesla, Polestar’s On Your Tail      

Management and tech consultancy BearingPoint has pointed to the huge growth in the online car sales marketplace and shown that Polestar is already a real challenger to Tesla’s crown.

BearingPoint’s latest study on the state of online new car sales is a ‘must read’.  It assesses the online sales performances of major OEMs and identifies where they need to improve to catch up with Tesla and differentiate themselves.

As we know, online shops are popping up in all major markets worldwide, and car manufacturers are establishing digital journeys to enable new business models and the implementation of direct sales strategies.

The study shows clearly that, although Tesla still holds the Number One slot globally for direct sales, Polestar must be considered its closest rival and challenger for that prestigious top slot.

Of course, the business models are very similar, and they aim for the upper end of the market.  Merc is also well-placed in terms of online presence and sales.

We need to now look further across the breadth of the sector and see which of the more traditional OEMs will take the full digital plunge…