Lookers in the news. Again!


I know it seems we run a Lookers story every week…but they’re just so busy!  This week’s story is all about change.  For a change.

Firstly, non-executive director Heather Jackson is stepping down at the end of the month, as reported by Lookers to the London Stock Exchange.  It seems widely accepted that Ms Jackson has played a crucial part in the amazing performance Lookers has turned in over the past months.  And it’s not as if she’ll be getting bored when she leaves, as she is apparently also involved with everything from Skipton Building Society to JD Sports Fashion, as well as co-founding the management company Actinista.

Also, let’s be open here…we’re amongst friends…she’s a Yorkshire lass.  What’s not to like?

Moving on … Lookers has also appointed Andrew Hall in the newly-created role of Group Business Development Director.  He has been with Lookers for yonks and has a great reputation in the trade.

A big part of his job is set to be to drive Lookers forward with a focus on EVs.  

Duncan McPhee, Chief Operating Officer, said: “The automotive industry is undergoing a period of profound change and transition. As Lookers embarks on an exciting, new period of growth and innovation, our ambition is to play a leading role in the sustainability agenda within our industry and beyond, with a particular focus on electric vehicles.”

Tune in next week for more from Lookers, no doubt!