London Exclusive ‘Studio’ for Hyundai’s Genesis


Hyundai’s Genesis Motor Europe premium vehicles won’t be sold in Hyundai dealerships – or even in any traditional outlets – when it is launched in the UK this summer.  Instead we can go and gawp at the various models in a single, one-off London studio at Westfield Shopping centre.  And that’s it.

Hyundai are being reported as saying their online presence for the Genesis range “will remove the need to visit a ‘dealer’ ever again”. Here at NTK Motors we wonder what Hyundai’s franchised dealer network makes of all this.

The Genesis GV80 and electric G80 (followed later by the GV70 and G70) will be sold to the majority of customers via a special online portal, as well as the ‘studios’ in London, Munich and Zürich, where each customer will be assigned a personal assistant as their dedicated point of contact throughout the buying process and on through their ownership.

So, another posh brand does away with a dealership network.