Livingstone Motors’ Pre-Christmas Staff Gifts      

Hull-based Livingstone Motor Group has handed out pre-Christmas gifts to its entire workforce of 21, with MD Andrew Iveson playing Santa with Amazon vouchers for all.

Speaking to AM, Iveson said it was “morally right” to thank staff in this way, not least when we’re heading for an expensive time of the year.

Everyone at the Isuzu, SsangYong and Subaru franchises received the gifts and have been encouraged to spread the love by spending the vouchers on family and friends.

Iveson explained: “At a time when people are struggling to pay their bills things are going to be especially hard at this time of year, but everybody likes to buy a Christmas gift for somebody else.

“The idea is that I said I don’t want to spend this money on you, I want you to spend it on somebody else.

“So, the whole idea is that if I can take a bit of that pressure off them so they can use £100 a family to buy some Christmas presents then that alleviates that problem.

“I’m not in a position to solve the problems of the world, but it’s morally right to do what we can and issue a bit of an extra thank you for all the team’s hard work.”

We salute you, sir.