Kwik Fit Plans to Take Even More Work from Dealers

According to a recent report in AM, Kwik Fit has set its property agents Rapleys the task of finding and securing up to 24 roadside properties across the UK so it can expand and grab even more of the service/maintenance sector.

They already have around 600 UK locations across the UK but plans are afoot for serious expansion, with a hit list of 24 towns and cities where sites of 3,000sq-ft to 10,000sq-ft are being sought. 

This plan follows Kwik Fit’s monthly subscription service where its intended aim is to become the ‘Netflix of car maintenance’, after its research showed that over 17 million UK drivers would potentially pay a monthly maintenance fee. 

What does mean for dealerships? It means a tough fight on their hands to keep customers loyal and to innovate to keep ahead of the competition.