Kia’s New Sportage is ‘Just for Europe’

For the first time in its history, Kia is launching a Sportage model designed and developed specifically for the European market.  Kia reckons it will have a ‘daring and intricate front-end’ matched with a ‘muscular swooping fastback rear’  A quick look at the sketches shows this to be true.  It’s pretty nifty looking.

Kia say that this special Sportage has been meticulously honed to offer optimal drive and handling characteristics for European roads.  Now, this all sounds good…but what is so different about European roads that they need a special car?  We read and re-read the Kia news story and couldn’t really find any reason for this Euro-centric launch.

Quite a few manufacturers do this, don’t they? ‘This car has been designed especially for the American highway’ or ‘this car is the epitome of engineering best-suited to driving across the Russian Steppes’…you get the drift.

Which isn’t to knock the car itself. It really looks great, with its ‘muscular stance’ and ‘strong yet refined silhouette’, as Kia says.

But why is this better for European roads than, say, the Kia Soul EV?  Maybe Kia press office will let us know.