Kia Subsidises Network’s Labour Rates     

Kia UK has announced that it will help its dealer network’s aftersales departments by subsidising labour rates.  The Kia Business Service Promise sees Kia pushing for more fleet service work by putting a cap on the hourly service labour rate for fleet customers at £49 + VAT, with Kia UK underpinning this discounted rate.

Under the Promise, business customers will also benefit from a 10% parts discount and MOTs for just £35.

It’s a move that really demonstrates how Kia is gunning for the fleet repair work and how it is prepared to get down and dirty with its network, helping it fight for the work and win it, right across its 192-strong network of dealers.

John Hargreaves, General Manager for Fleet and Remarketing at Kia UK Limited, said: “Fleets traditionally miss out on all the benefits associated with main dealer servicing, because there is a fear that they’re more expensive or that they’re mainly focused on retail customers – meaning fleets miss out on Kia-trained service technicians, genuine parts and maximum residual values.

“The Business Service Promise is multi-faceted in its approach, offering businesses several reasons to maintain their vehicles at a Kia dealership. Firstly, the highly competitive labour rates ensure Kia dealerships don’t cost a premium over alternatives. Secondly, fleets can be reassured by fixed costs for typical repair work, as well as that their driver will be kept on the road with our no quibble policy for any warranty work. As a consequence of choosing our Business Service Promise, fleets will also benefit from a main dealer service and repair history, which helps with improved residual values.”

Fair play to Kia.