Keyloop’s In-Car Service Booking System


Leading DMS provider Keyloop has paired with innovations experts Solace to create a ‘proof of concept’ in-car booking system which connects drivers, retailers, dealerships and manufacturers across the world.  Many see this as a major advantage for Keyloop in the battle for the UK DMS market, creating as it does a streamlined link between car, customer and dealer.

Keyloop’s innovation lab, based in Reading, is leading the way with this innovation.

It enables a driver who is notified of a fault or upcoming service during a journey to display availability and pricing for required work in an app, which also enables the booking of the job into the repair shop of choice.

Baljit Bamrah, Innovation Director at Keyloop, says this is “a first-of-its-kind solution, providing a new kind of service booking experience for consumers from within the vehicle, as well as giving manufacturers greater visibility over car owners maintenance needs.”

Bloody clever stuff.