Keep ICE Cars After 2030?      

Fuel card comparison website iCompario has issued a study claiming that around two thirds of UK motorists oppose the planned phasing out of selling petrol and diesel cars after 2030.  Can that really be true? If so, we’re amazed.

Apparently, over 80% of drivers over the age of 55 reckon they can’t afford to switch.  OK, but that still gives us a full seven years to play with between now and then.  Most will be replacing their cars by then anyway. And, as with the more enlightened countries, we will surely by then be seeing far greater incesntives to switch.  Let’s hope so.

As ever, the study relies on the young ‘uns to save the day, with more than 40% of 18–24-year-olds being confident that they will be able to afford the switch.  Maybe they just prioritise it more?

Kerry Fawcett, digital director at iCompario, said: “It can perhaps be unsurprising that with the current cost of living crisis, so many are worried about being able to make the switch to EVs. It’s important to continue to look at ways to make EVs affordable for homes and businesses and accelerate efforts to provide information to people ahead of 2030.

“Whilst it’s incumbent on us all to work towards building an eco-friendlier future, our findings are significant in showing that there is still work to be done in order to meet government targets.”

Either way, come 2030 we aren’t going to have much choice in the matter.