Composites Technician

  • Job added: 24 Nov, 2022
  • Salary:
  • Location: Coventry
  • Job Type: Technicians
  • Reference : Composites Technician
  • Company : Multi Matic

As part of a new capital investment project, EU-Matic has setup a new  facility to manufacture carbon fibre reinforced components for the premium automotive industry. This brand new facility incorporates an extensive list of new equipment and facilities to enable us to become a market leader in this field.

This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who desires hands-on experience with components destined for high performance vehicles, advanced composites and has a passionate interest in automobiles.

Due to this new facility, EU-Matic is looking for Composite Technician – Senior Laminator who will be responsible for constructing complex composite parts from resin-impregnated carbon fibre, glass fibre and aramid cloth.

Key Responsibilities:

• Manufacture tooling and components for high performance vehicles.
• Prepare patterns for tool manufacture, layup carbon fibre tooling material.
• Verify material kit received.
• Prepare and apply sealants and release agents
• Hand layup pre-preg carbon fibre material as per instructions provided
• Create vacuum for autoclave cure ensuring no leaks and that the bag forms complete shape of the tool including bag checks for leaks and placement within the autoclave.
• Load & unload autoclave (positioning tools to encourage efficient part temperature control).
• Connect up vacuum and sensor Lines.
• Run & monitor autoclave (interpreting live data to understand risk and exposure in case of an incident.
• Preventative maintenance of autoclave vessel and supporting systems (lines, vacuum pump, cooling tank).
• Making master tools
• Structural bonding of metallic and composite materials
• Use of film adhesives and honeycomb (aluminium and Nomex)
• Achieve production schedule
• Ensure the facility environment is kept safe, clean and organised
• Provide training, guidance and assistance to co-workers as required
• Observe all company safety rules, policies and procedures
• Attend all required training courses
• Adopt and practice kaizen lean manufacturing principles and concepts.

Basic Requirements:

• Interpret ply orientation based on knowledge of fibre orientation (0⁰-90⁰/±45⁰).
• Ability to create templates from instructions provided.
• Use of measuring equipment.
• Laminate to an A Class level.
• Create vacuum using various consumables.
• Removing cured components from tools.
• Pattern, shuttering and preparation.
• Understanding of tooling with perimeter bag and envelop.
• Knowledge of tooling support structures.
• Comprehension of Autoclave procedures (tooling positioning, loading and unloading).
• Comprehend the health and safety protocols of Composite materials.
• Prior experience in working with an autoclave in the composite industry.
• Experience in composites tooling substrates.
• The understanding of using different types of tooling on expansion.
• Experience in reading material TDS to recommend / modify and edit cure profiles.
• Understand autoclave airflow for hot and cold zones.
• Excellent problem solving skills.
• Provide training, guidance and assistance to co-workers as required

Desirable Requirements:

• Competence with Microsoft Office.
• Experience with composite assembly techniques (adhesives and mechanical).
• Experience in the automotive manufacturing industry.