JLR Dealers ‘Business Planning in the Dark’      

It seems that barely a week goes by without manufacturers being accused of short-changing their dealer networks and this time it’s JLR, according to a new story in AM Online.

It’s well known that the manufacturer is going to open its own retail outlets but at least one JLR franchisee told AM that the lack of detail and clarity in JLR’s plans are causing anxiety.  He was quoted saying: “At the moment we are business planning in the dark because we simply do not know what JLR have planned in terms of their network scale, their volume aspirations or their agency model plans.

“News of these OEM-owned stores has only added to that. It’s caused a considerable among of anxiety.”

Another said: “If their plan to move into the luxury sector results in cars costing £200,000 there will be a far smaller audience and, presumably, less need for a large retail network.”