Jeep Hits 80th Year in Electric Form

The Jeep, what a story!  What began life as Willys-Overland Co (really!) signed a US War Dept contract that transformed it from yet another utility vehicle to a world-conquering General Purpose (GP…Jeep…geddit?) superstar that is embracing electricity as the way forward.

Zero emissions is just the latest step in a glory-studded history. Are we going over the top with this? We think not.  The Jeep is a star in the auto world. And we’re chuffed that the all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee will be equipped, for the first time, with plug-in-hybrid 4xe technology.

We haven’t got space here to list all of the key moments that Jeep list in their history, but we recommend you check them out.  Seriously, would you want to drive into battle alongside John Wayne driving anything else?