JCT600’s Five Times Robber Gets Five Years

A thief who stole more than £40,000 worth of equipment and parts from cars at a JCT600 dealership in Bradford during five separate raids has been sentenced to five years behind bars.  Theft from dealerships has been a constant concern within the industry, so it’s good to see justice served in this case.

Mohammed Shamraze, 24, of Bradford, broke into the same JCT600 dealership on five occasions this year, targeting top of the range infotainment systems.

Shamraze had tooled up with special equipment to remove the goods.

As any dealer who has been targeted in this way will know, it’s not just the stolen goods, it’s the repairs required afterwards for all the damage done, plus the rising insurance costs.

Shamraze pleaded guilty at Bradford Crown Court to the five offences. He also admitted breaking the window of a VW Golf to steal a sat-nav.

He didn’t limit his raids to his hometown.  Shamraze had previously broken into a dealership in Rotherham garage, causing damage estimated at £2,000.

In court, Shamraze showed remorse and it was made clear that the six months he had already served had taught him a lesson.  This, and the work he had done while in prison, helped the review hearing cut his sentence to four years.