Jag Trials H2 Car – Get In!

Jaguar e-type

The news that JLR is developing a prototype hydrogen (H2) Jaguar car is excellent news.  Who wants to hang around half an hour while your electric car gets enough juice to get you a bit further down the road?  H2 has massive advantages over the bog-standard electric car, not least the customer experience of the hydrogen re-fuel being roughly the same as we’re all used to with petrol etc.  It takes minutes.

There are projects all over the world starting to generate renewable hydrogen to fuel our cars, buses, workplaces, the lot. And refuelling stations are springing up all over the place, too.

We’re putting our reputation on the line here: hydrogen is the way forward and the fact that a manufacturer such as Jaguar has gone public with its own fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) running on hydrogen is great news.  It will be based on the new Land Rover Defender, and testing is scheduled to start later this year.

There are no pics yet (not even one of those trendy teasing shots) so here’s a shot of a classic Jag from the past.

The world is catching up.  With over 10 million FCEVs expected on our roads by 2030 and with 10,000 hydrogen refuelling stations predicted globally, then we are laughing teacakes, as someone used to say.

Where do we sign up?