It’s Trim Up North

Man In Flat Cap

We’ll start by admitting that we’re biased: NTK Motors is Yorkshire born and bred.  We’re rightly proud to be from God’s Country, but we were thrilled to hear that the latest survey from confirmed Sheffield, Glasgow – – and even our noisy neighbours across the Pennines as the UK’s online car-buying hotpots, putting London in the shade. tracked car deliveries and website visits to produce the data.

Apparently, even though London is crammed full of internet savvy hipsters, it now seems that Oop North we’re just as good at working t’interweb and buying cars off of it. See, it’s not all whippets, racing pigeons and inbred bitterness up here, tha knows.  We’ve got electricity now.

The first few weeks of 2021 have shown that, compared to the same period last year, there has been a surge in demand from across Yorkshire, County Durham, Scotland and other places north of the Watford Gap. Last year it was all London, Surrey, Kent and Essex.

Sales per capita figures show that even Llandudno is ahead of previously leading London boroughs, with Sheffield, Glasgow and – ok, we’ll say it – Manchester well ahead. Apparently the Mancs’ activity rose 15.7%, Sheffield’s 9.5% and the glorious city of Glasgow’s by an impressive 22.2%.