It’s Not ‘Skoda’, It’s ‘Shkoda’


We learned a lot this week about Skoda and its EV ambitions.  Firstly, we do like its narrative in the new TV ad:  Introducing the fully electric ŠKODA ENYAQ iV SUV – YouTube  Forget the fact the characters are called Purr and Grrr… it’s a neat story.

Secondly, we learn that the the Enyaq iV is the company’s first ever all-electric SUV.

But thirdly, and perhaps most significantly, we learned that we’re all pronouncing it incorrectly!  Does anyone, apart perhaps from those who work for the company and its dealerships, ever say ‘Shkoda’?  Here at NTK Motors we’ve never heard that before.  But there it is, clearly in the advert,: it’s pronounced ‘Shkoda’.  Somehow it makes it better, doesn’t it?