Is Polestar-style Selling A Threat to Your Car Retail Job?

The first ‘space’ selling Polestar cars, new electric models from the Swedish performance brand Polestar, has opened in London. It looks very modern. And sleek. And some say it will change the way cars are sold – because Polestars will be sold in this ‘space’ (note: Polestar are not calling it a ‘dealership’) without the apparent hassle of engaging with an car salesperson. Or so it seems to this tired and jaded observer.

In this 21st century pod, people called Polestar Specialists will be employed as brand ambassadors (note: they’re not on commission) to engage and advise. There will be the usual test drives etc., but there seems to be minimal stock on-site to tempt you from one configuration to another.

Is this just a gimmick? Salespeople who ‘inform’ rather than ‘sell’? Is this the future? Will we all be out of work soon? And wearing jetpacks…?