Investigation Reveals Just How Bad Brexit is For Motor Sector

We take our hats off to Car Dealer magazine. Their current edition carries details of their investigation into how Brexit is going for the retail car sector.  It reveals that there is not much to like about Brexit if you are in this industry.

Quoted in the piece, the ever-diplomatic Mike Hawes, chief exec of the SMMT, says that the admin needed to import and export goods is ‘significant’ and a ‘major challenge’ and he reminds us that we were meant to have a longer implementation period.

He actually says to CD mag: “With the withdrawal agreement there was supposed to be up to 21 months for an implementation period but we ended up with effectively seven days over the Christmas shutdown from the publication of the deal to when it took effect, so it’s understandable that businesses are struggling to understand what it is you now have to do.”

So, if you still think Brexit was anything more than just some politicians dreaming up an ego-fuelled career-boosting wheeze then CD mag has further evidence to put you right.

Please read the full report. It talks about delays and unexpected surcharges; havoc in the aftersales industry; and of products being marooned in the docks.

There are independents reporting problems getting parts from overseas, despite previously having fully-reliable European sources.

Some parts suppliers no longer feel it worth their while sending products to the UK.

It’s a sad read, but one that you really should take seriously.