In the Beginning…Genesis Launches in UK

So, here they come. The first cars from Genesis Motor Europe, a company setting out to change the way the car industry looks at customer service.  They made a splash with a launch projecting images 275m wide by 180m high onto a Swiss Alp and now they’ve revealed which cars they will be rolling out this summer across Europe.

So what’s different? Well, firstly, pricing is fixed, whether the vehicle is bought in the ‘studio’ (not dealership) or online – they’re saying it’s the end of haggling.  For test drives, they will deliver to the customer.

As Genesis Europe MD Dominique Boesch commented: ‘‘The ‘Genesis Difference’ is a modern approach to car buying and ownership that gives all drivers an effortless option, we place exceptional customer experience over sales. 

“We offer a car buying and ownership experience which is stress free and saves your time.”

And what about the cars?  They’re starting over here with the G80 saloon and GV80 SUV, which will be followed by five other models in the next 12 months. Prices start at £36,100 for the G80 and £54,100 for the GV80.

They’re aiming at the solid high end-ish luxury market, chasing after the BMW, Merc and Volvo drivers. Strangely, we think, there is no mention of an electric motor as yet, nut we gather that will be coming soon.

So all in all, it’s another lurch towards online selling with some tasty cars.  Will Genesis be a revelation? Or are they here just to make up the numbers?