Hyundai’s ‘Software Defined’ Vehicles     

Hyundai Motor Group has committed to transform customer experience and deliver an unprecedented era of mobility via constantly evolving software technology including Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates for all models by 2025. 

Chung Kook Park, President and Head of R&D Division, Hyundai Motor Group, was speaking at Unlock, the ‘Software Age Global Forum’.  He said: “By transforming all vehicles to Software Defined Vehicles by 2025, Hyundai Motor Group will completely redefine the concept of the automobile and take the lead in ushering in a never-before-experienced era of mobility.”

It’s one hell of an ambition, but Hyundai is stumping up the cash to make it happen.

The Group has committed to invest 18 trillion Korean won by 2030 to integrate hardware and software technologies and enhance mobility technology capabilities, including the establishment of a new Global Software Center to bolster software capabilities and accelerate Software Defined Vehicle development.

Hyundai expects 20 million vehicles to be registered to the Group’s Connected Car Services (CCS) worldwide by 2025.