Hyundai Motor + Uber = More EVs on Streets Pronto


Hyundai Motor Company has partnered up with Uber in Europe by offering Uber drivers discounts on its IONIQ Electric and Kona Electric models, with the immediate effect of getting more EVs on the streets of Europe pretty Damn quick.

It’s a really good idea that will boost EV use, specifically Hyundai EV use, and take the cause of the EV forward leaps and bounds.  Well done, Hyundai and Uber.

Uber reckons it can achieve zero-emission mobility , with 50 per cent of its total aggregated kilometres of Uber rides across seven European capitals being driven by electric vehicles by 2025.

No wonder they’re both excited.  Get this:

“Through this exciting partnership, we will utilise our leadership in electro-mobility to help Uber’s partner drivers make the switch to BEVs and help electrify their customers’ journeys in Europe,” says Michael Cole, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Europe. “This agreement also gives Hyundai the opportunity to showcase the benefits of our IONIQ Electric and Kona Electric models to an even wider range of people, as well as contribute to decarbonisation efforts in major cities across Europe.”

“We are advancing the electrification of our platform across Europe through a new strategic partnership with Hyundai, making it easier and more affordable for drivers to switch to one of Hyundai’s leading electric models,” says Anabel Diaz, Regional Manager for EMEA, Uber. “With our responsibilities to drivers, riders and cities in mind, we have made a series of ambitious commitments to support drivers switch to electric vehicles, and this partnership will enable us to continue this momentum. Professional drivers such as those on the Uber app will be the early mass adopters of electric vehicles, which will help to drive the mass market in the years to come.”