HR Owen Debuts Czinger in London     

The Czinger 21C hypercar will be making its first public appearance in the UK at the inaugural Concours on Savile Row event in the heart of London next week. In partnership with H.R. Owen – exclusive UK dealer to Czinger – the 21C will be displayed outside Norton & Sons tailors for the duration of the show.

It is claimed that the 21C is propelled by the most power-dense production internal combustion engine the world has ever seen, pairing a 2.88-litre twin-turbocharged V8 petrol unit with an 800-volt electric drive system, to produce a peak power output of 1233bhp.

Czinger says it has developed a ground-breaking build process to enable it to push the envelope of hypercar performance with the 21C. Czinger’s patented human-AI design process ensures every component of the car is optimised for performance, weight and packaging. For example, the front upper control arm is hollow with 3D-printed internal structures allowing it to achieve significant weight savings without affecting performance.

Thanks to its power-to-weight ratio the 21C has already set a production car lap record at Laguna Seca, beating the McLaren Senna by two seconds. At Circuit of the Americas, the 21C also holds the lap record, having beaten the previous holder – the McLaren P1 – by six seconds.

Just 80 Czinger 21Cs will be built, available to customers in two fully specifications: a lightweight high downforce configuration and a low drag configuration for top speed.

Those hoping to see the Czinger 21C can find it at the Concours on Savile Row; a celebration of automotive and tailoring excellence taking place at London’s world-famous Savile Row on June 15 – 16.