How to become a digital disruptor    

iVendi, the digital motor retailing and finance solutions provider in use at over 8,000 UK retailers, has offered tips and guidance on how dealers can become ‘digital disruptors’.

The tips focus on the fact that way consumers engage when buying a vehicle is changing, with new tech driving e-commerce into the retail motor industry.  We all know this, of course, but in a new blog post iVendi explains how dealerships can provide the level of digital service consumers expect.

Drawing on well-known ‘disruptors’ such as Amazon and the travel industry (who ever goes into a travel agents these days?) iVendi offers advice on harnessing the power of the digital world for car retail.

Chief Commercial Officer, Darren Sinclair, said:  “There is a general perception that the digital capabilities of the major new market entrants require a level of investment and access to expertise and infrastructure that is beyond the average dealer. That’s simply untrue.

“One of our key messages to the dealer sector in 2022 is that you can be a disruptor too, and offer everything that we are seeing from extremely well-funded, high-profile newcomers.

“Creating a comprehensive online journey including elements such as integrated motor finance, part exchange and delivery is something that is easily achievable and cost-effective for all car, van, and motorcycle dealers.

“The technology needed to do this is something not just accessible to businesses with funding stretching into hundreds of millions of pounds, but the smallest retailer operating on a local level.”

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