Hennessey Venom Sells Out Entire Production Run (of 24)

High-performance vehicle manufacturer Hennessey has announced that it has sold all its Venom F5 hypercars. It seems that all they had to do was turn up at the Monterey Car Week, show off their vehicles and wait for the order to come in.  So you will not be getting your mitts on one after all. 

The Texas-based company displayed a pair of Venom F5 cars at Monterey where orders were confirmed for the remaining models of the incredibly limited 24-vehicle production run.

Reports say that tens of thousands of motoring fans joined Hennessey customers in admiring the F5.

John Hennessey, company founder and CEO, said: “Showing two of the latest F5 models alongside the likes of Bugatti, Lamborghini and Koenigsegg was an honor for the whole Hennessey team. The fact that we secured orders from customers who saw the cars at the events is testament to the quality our team has achieved… and we’re yet to reach the vehicle’s full potential!”