Goodbye Car, Says Peter Vardy

The Peter Vardy Group’s newly-launched car buying service will be called GoodByeCar as it enables motorists to get rid of their vehicle without fuss and for a fair price.

In reality it’s a kind of rival to WeBuyAnyCar, and it builds on the huge current demand for used vehicles.

It’s a model that other groups will surely follow. Peter Vardy reckon they can make a ‘fair price’ offer via the website and an in person appraisal at the customer’s home.

As the esteemed Derek Lyon, remarketing director at the Peter Vardy Group, said: “The demand for pre-owned cars has never been stronger. Recent figures show that people are taking official warnings about public transport seriously and want their own wheels.

“It is a great time to sell, and the Peter Vardy Group undertakes to find customers the fairest price, fast. Not only that, if we can’t beat any like-for-like appraisal quote, we’ll give you £500 in cash.”